Make Your Backyard More Appealing and Functional

We build all kinds of exterior staircases in the Georgetown and Pflugerville, TX areas

Do you want to connect a second-floor room to your backyard? Or maybe you installed a raised deck and want to increase its functionality. Kastle Stair & Finish can improve your home with exterior staircase installation. We build decorative, functional exterior staircases in the Georgetown and Pflugerville, Texas areas.

Our crew can design...

  • Deck staircases
  • Patio staircases
  • Pool deck staircases
  • Second-floor staircases

We'll work with you to build a staircase to your specifications. We can match your deck's current design or create a completely new look.

Contact us today for more information about custom exterior staircases.

exterior staircases Georgetown, TX

Trust the pros with your staircase

Patio and deck staircases come with a unique set of challenges. Since they are constantly exposed to the elements, they need to be designed to last. The owner of Kastle Stair & Finish has been building exterior staircases for over 20 years. He will design a staircase that is attractive, functional and severe weather-resistant.

Call us at 512-366-8112 to schedule exterior staircase installation in the Pflugerville or Georgetown, TX area.