Get professional staircase repair services in Georgetown, TX

Ensure Your Family's Safety

Broken or damaged staircases can be a hazard for you and your family. Loose boards or handrails can increase the chances of falling and causing serious injury. If you need staircase repair service in Georgetown, TX, Kastle Stair & Finish is here to help. Our experienced team will make sure your staircase repair is completed properly to help keep your family safe.

Don't put off your necessary repairs. Speak with a staircase repair contractor now by calling 512-366-8112.

staircase repair Georgetown, TX

3 common issues to look out for

If you live in an older home or you think you may need staircase maintenance, you should look out for:

  1. Shaky rail posts
  2. Unsteady handrails
  3. Loose or broken boards

If you notice any of the above, bring in an expert for staircase repair services ASAP. Our staircase repair contractor can also handle aesthetic repairs, like recoating or stair refinishing.

Reach out to the experts at Kastle Stair & Finish today.